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YSAC5010 - F.R.L. Combination Series (Stainless Steel)

YSAC5010 - Air Filter, Air Regulator, Air Lubricator Combination Unit

YAC Series provides a full air preparation solution for your Pneumatic System. YAW aIR Filter + Regulator Series removes harmful pollutants and contaminants from your air supply and regulates stable pressure and airflow. YAL Air Lubricator Series ensure proper lubrication of tools for optimum performance and protection. 

Components YSAW5000 + YSAL5000
Bore No. 06, 08
Port Size 3/8, 1
Operating Pressure 0.05 ~ 1 MPa
Proof Pressure 1.5 MPa
Set Pressure Range 0.05 ~ 0.85 MPa
Ambient temperature -5 ~ +60℃
Filter Element Standard: 40μm Option: [5μm, 20μm]
Oil Capacity 180 ml
Minimum Flow for Oil Drip 190 ℓ/min,
Recommended Lubricating Oil Class 1 turbine oil [ISO VG32]
Attachment Pressure Gauge and Mounting Bracket
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